Martin Wulfhorst: "Identifying Five Spohr Items (WoO 26, 32, 39, 40, 139)." Spohr Journal. The Magazine of the Spohr Society of Great  Britain XVI (Summer 1989), pp. 2-6.


Provides correct identifications for several items listed in Folker Göthel, Thematisch-Bibliographisches Verzeichnis der Werke von Louis Spohr (Tutzing: Hans Schneider, 1980).
WoO 26 is a violin-piano arrangement probably by Carl Rundnagel of the slow section of Spohr's Concert Aria "Oskar! Umsonst," WoO 75.
WoO 32 survives in an edition for violin and piano by Rundnagel; it is an alternate version for the slow movement of the String Quartet Op. 27 and served perhaps originally as a slow movement of a violin concerto.
WoO 39 represents a first, shorter version for the last movement of the String Quartet No. 30, Op. 93.
WoO 40 is part of a once complete draft for the Salon Piece for Violin and Piano Op. 145/iv (1851).
WoO 139 is an arrangement of the Aria for voice, French horn, and piano, WoO 92.
Finally, the Waltz WoO 31, surviving in piano version that Moritz Hauptmann claims to have written down from memory, is of doubtful authenticity.