Martin Wulfhorst: "Das Werk des Komponisten Karl Friedrich Curschmann." [The oeuvre of the composer Karl Friedrich Curschmann] Die Curschmanns: Mitteilungen des Curschmannschen  Familien-Verbandes [Gegr. 5. Juni 1938, Sitz: Alzey] Heft 52  (Dez. 2000), pp. 8-22.


Provides a brief biography and examines which qualities rendered Curschmann's lieder so popular with his contemporaries and which factors caused them to lose most of this popularity toward the end of the 19th century. Curschmann had a great talent for composing beautifully shaped melodies. He was one of the first composers to set poems by romantic authors such as Eichendorff and Uhland, besides texts by Hoffmann von Fallersleben and Berlin poets. His works shows a wide variety, ranging from short, simple songs, popular with amateurs in his time, to grand, aria-like songs and dramatic ballads. Several reasons led the late romantics to reduce him to the stature of a Kleinmeister; being independently wealthy and very successful in his time, he represented the opposite of the suffering romantic genius; he did not contribute any significant compositions to instrumental and large-scale genres; the sophisticated simplicity of his writing was equated with lack of depth.